Another Semester, Another Project…Well Make That Two

Hey everyone, so the GDAT team hasn’t updated this in quite a while but I’m here to give a little update on the team and progress of the project and hopefully we will be better about updating more frequently this semester… only time will tell on that one though. So once again I am Nilima … More Another Semester, Another Project…Well Make That Two

Let’s Get Down to Business to Create, a Plan!

First, allow me to introduce myself. I am Claire Hosinski, the Project Partner Liaison for the entire GDAT team but I work specifically with the stroke rehabilitation team. I am also the only Biology major on a team full of engineers. These past two semesters have been quite the adventure for me; exploring the engineering … More Let’s Get Down to Business to Create, a Plan!

Gym. Tanning. BLOG.

Hello everyone my name is Hayley LaRiviere! I am currently a member of Team Atlantia, which is the group that is working with assistive technology for stroke patients. I joined this team about 7 weeks ago and am really glad I did! What’s so special about this college group of kids is that we all … More Gym. Tanning. BLOG.

Design Review

Hello World! My name is Marisa Dowling and as Amy said before I am one of the Project Archivists. I am responsible for making sure the waist measurement team records the reasons behind the decisions we make. I am also working with Will Baach to design a website and app for our device so that … More Design Review